This platform promotes information about topics oriented to enhance each reader's personal growth. Metacognition describes the human ability for curiosity and self-discovery. The human is the brain with a sophisticated capacity for developing intelligence, awareness, and consciousness.

Discover a complete overview of health and wellness while diving into fascinating topics based on science, history, philosophy, metaphysics, and spiritual schools. 

1. Human Anatomy: basic facts and principles of the human body. Body functions, systems, and structures. Learn about the influence of the mind over the body's health.  

2. Molecular Biology: chemical reactions, genetics, and updates on protein folding from the human genome research. Molecular functions, such as hormones react as neurotransmitters: or vitamins as hormones activators. 

3. Neuroscience: mental structural influences. Conscious and unconscious mind. How it works implicit memory and key points from Anti-Hebbian learning studies. 

4. Nutrition: the diet is a deciding factor for health, overall in the neural communication signals. Synaptic Plasticity is a vast field of nowadays investigations.   

5. Emotions: hormones as neurotransmitters spike and trigger hundreds of chemical reactions. The state of mind is transcendental for the body's homeostasis.

6. Energy: science study the vacuum composition. Emotions, intuition, intention, and perception are associated with chemical reactions. Mass and energy function the same.

7. Macrocosmos: the universe composition. Dark energy and matter as prevalent substances. Their association with the universe acceleration and spacetime concepts.

8. Microcosmos: quantum physics and dynamics. The new standard model of elementary particles. Understanding the field concept or boson.  

9. History & Schools: evolution of humankind and history compile important records. Ancient cultures and spiritual schools offer priceless knowledge.