Frequently asked questions

What is Metaphysics?

Metaphysics is everything non-physical. Love is metaphysical and also follows principles in Nature. Metaphysics is initially known from ancient cultures and spiritual schools.

Why Science & Metaphysics?

Balance. As the brain hemispheres, an analytical perspective will reach an accurate reaction when balancing the sensitive perception (left and right hemispheres).

Why VWell18?

2018 is the initial year of our project. "VW" refers to the triune principle through an upside-down pyramid. It's also related to the symbol of Aquarius about energy flow of waves and lines, in reference to the ages transitions. Finally the sense of "Be Well".

How the project started?

From an extensive career doing social work by passion, our creator Valeria started the concept for V'Well after volunteer and work with different populations for physical and mental conditions as a Coach and Therapist. She recently began the path of a second career in the grade of Neurosciences and Behavior.

How can I start?

Self-Awareness, Self-Power & Self-Love. Curiosity is the first step to improve physical, mental and emotional health.

How V'Well can help me?

We connect demand and offer. Per each client's needs, we orient professional assistance. We work from different countries providing therapies, coaching, guidance, tutoring, and different services that will help your self-discovery path.

Contact Information?

You can DM us at (201) 888 2328 and/or email us at mail@vwell18.com. Love,