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95% of mental reactions are instinctive. The unconscious execution of behaviors (self-awareness sense) is also known as proprioception. The efficacy of the neural interaction can conclude in Depression or Potentiation (LTD/LTP). The speed in neuronal communication is called Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity (LTDP). The factors involved in the precision of the response are studied by the Anti-Hebbian learning. 

Mental Structural Influences

Human behaviors are a result of each individual brain and awareness development. However, the physical structure of the brain influences every person's mind and follows a key role in analysis and cognition responses. The first segregation is the brain hemispheres. The second is the brain triune.


Synaptic Plasticity

Pyramidal Neurons

Dendritic Arborization

Women & Men Brain Complexity


Driving Casuistic 

Anti-Hebbian Learning

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