Why 18?? Why "V"?

The foundations for this project were defined around 2004 with the very first metaphysical studies. However, 2018 was the year for several factors to happen and build up the specific concept for this creation. Since August 2018 our creators started collecting data, investigations, and bibliographies to support a complete and modern view of health.

The "V" involves three reasons. Based on metaphysics, it's an upside-down triangle/pyramid corresponding to the triune meaning. This symbol contains a figure of correspondence with "W". The complete design is also attributed to the Aquarius sign (energy flow: waves and lines). Aquarius age refers also to the matriarchal age that astrologically we would have been entering the past year 2012. Finally, it's also an abbreviation for "be" directing the sense of "be well".

An extra reason would be the name initial of the first creator. V'Well18 anticipated the need of understanding a full concept for health, embracing physical, mental, and spiritual support during nowadays circumstances. Bring order to your life and you will see clearly the path.

"Learning needs humility"
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