Aerobic & Anaerobic

Cellular Respiration

Akashic Records

Preservation of Energy beyond Space and Time

Altruism & Resilience

The love for existence

Anti-Hebbian Learning

Anti-Hebbian learning evaluates Synaptic Plasticity through the adaptation of Neurons during the learning process and memory formation. The synaptic efficacy arises in the innate or automatic (proprioceptive) communication from Pre-Synaptic and Post-Synaptic cell, which can be controlled based on certain rules.

Anti-Inflammation - Cellular

pH level, BDFN gene and tPA regulation


Cellular renewal


Natural plant extracts

Atlantis & Lemuria

Ancient Cultures and Schools

Atom - New Model

Standard Model of Elementary Particles

Aura & Colors

Your vibe in colors

Autonomic Nervous S

Sympathetic, Parasympathetic and Enteric Nervous Systems


Cannabinoides, pituitary hormone secretion

Black Holes


Brain Hemispheres

The brain incorporates the right and left hemispheres, integrating their functions. Each hemisphere has a different way to interpret and process information. The left side is analytical, logical, and numeric, with greater ability for calculus, mathematics, and sciences. The right side is sensitive, and intuitive and is highly developed by artists, creators, inventors, musicians, etc. It is associated with imagination and invention. During meditation, the right hemisphere is mostly activated. The interconnection and proper balance of both will benefit mental reactions, awareness, cognition, multitasking, etc.

Brain Triune

The triune model is a proposed overview of brain evolution. Behaviors and brain cognition refer to be influenced by this structure. The brain stem (reptilian), Limbic brain (mammal), and Neocortex.


Spiritual School


Evolution and Adaptation. Flexibility in the backbone to build proteins target.

Collab. Mairead McCorry


Seven Points of Energy
This knowledge and practice from Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism helps to equilibrate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. Learning about the Chakras will elevate your spiritual Yoga practice.

Cingulate Gyrus

This important portion of the limbic system of the brain is responsible for the regulation of behaviors through the perception and expression of emotions. It is associated with Empathy as a sense of self-reflex and perceptibility of external events.

The cingulate gyrus connects both hemispheres of the brain. The dendritic communication in between enhances with the presence of estrogen. This explains women's ability for higher sensibility.


Waves visual representations

DNA & Aminoacids

The Human Genome Project


The Wheel of Life


Spiritual School - Celtic

Egypt - Ancient Culture

Thoth and Seshat

Empathy & Cingulate Gyrus

Cingulate Gyrus, Mirror Neurons and ASMR

Energy - ATP

Electron Transport Chain - Cellular Respiration


Quantum entanglement are paired particles that interact with each other across space and time.

Entropy & Symmetry

Conservation of Energy

Fasting & HGH

Ketosis vs Glycolysis

Free Will

Cause & Effect

Geomagnetic Field

Frequency and Intensity

Greek Mythology

God and Goddess

Hermetic Principles

Metaphysics describes everything non-physical. The metaphysics principles (Kybalion) would be encoding the behaviors of the Universe and the relationship between the macro and microcosmos.

Higgs Boson

Fields: Particles and Waves


Hunas / Hakunas Culture

Homeostasis - Self-regulation



Endocrine System


Resistance and Strenght

Immune System

Microbiota, Pro & Prebiotics

In-Vivo & In-Vitro

Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity

Inertia & Momentum

Conservation of Energy

Intention & Intuition

Alternating Current and Direct Current

Isometric & Momentum

Isometric, Eccentric and Concentric


Life technology

Karma & Dharma

Cause and Effect

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Lactic Acid

Muscle Fermentation


The sound of the Universe

Martial Arts

Kung Fu, Animal Flow.

Meditation - In-vivo

Presence in the Present


Beyond Physics

Microbiome & Symbiosis

Enzymes, Probiotics and Prebiotics


Sexual Nature


Energy circulation

Nazca Lines

Peru: Ancient Cultures


Synaptic Plasticity: LTP / LTD


Super-Kamiokande is a large observatory in Japan


History and Prophecies

Nutrition & Nutrients

Vitamins, Minerals and Metals

Photographic Memory

Symbols and signs - implicit memory

Pineal Gland

Histocompatibility Complex

Placebo & Nocebo

Conscious Adaptation


Breathing techniques

Proprioception - Unconscious

Self-awareness and automatic reaction

Quantum Dynamics

Principles and Theories

Quantum Physics

From Newtonian and Relativism


Energy Healing

Saint Germain

Aquarian Age - Mathriarcal


Know your body, mind and soul

Stress & Hypertrophy

Cortisol for Long-term Memory

Tantra & Kundalini

Sensual Feminine Energy


Yin & Yang


Aging Process and Control

Time Loop

Zero Degrees

Transforming Principle

Genetic Adaptation

Turmeric & Ayurveda

Food as a Medicine

Uncertainty Principle

Bilocation / "Schrödinger's Cat" experiment

Unconditional Love

Energy of Love: Frequency and Vibration

Universe & Big Bang

Universal Acceleration


Ancient Cultures and Spiritual Schools